Monday, January 28, 2008

Some interesting flying before the AGM

Charlie's Harvard and an aerotow of one of Ken's scale gliders

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Committee for 2008

At the AGM last year's committee agreed to stand again and were thus elected with acclaim.

Les chairman

Mick treasurer

Louis secretary

Juan groundsman, logistics and anything else that needs to be done.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Some info on Futaba 2,6GHz sets from Dave Armitage

It has come to my notice that Futaba have issued a number of 2.4 Ghz sets all with a global identification code of zeros. Whilst this will not affect a normal correctly identified and bound set of equipment it will interfere with another set that also has a global identification code of zero's. No one as yet knows where all these sets have sent to but the chances are that some may have come to South Africa. I will check with Redipak tomorrow and see if they have the correct equipment to sort out this problem.
The other problem that seems to be manifesting itself with this equipment is that if a quick power check ie. switching on and switching off again quickly can overwrite the global ident code as well.
I think a warning on SARFLY and MGSA is necessary, plus maybe a note in SAMAA News.
How do the committee feel about this
Dave A

Hi All,
Furthur to my previous mail. I have checked with Bossie of Redipak. He was unaware of the problem but did confirm that he is not allowed to modify or upgrade FASST systems at all. Any modifications or software upgrades have to be done at the factory.
Spektrum is the same.
It is recommended that any pilots flying more than one Futaba FASST system at any one field check for interference between units before flying. If any interference takes place then the offending units must be returned to Redipak.

Another recommendation is that once a FASST System has been switched on it must be allowed an adequate time to boot up completely. This takes 5 seconds or more. A quick switching on /off can corrupt the global identification code. This can be detected if the set suddenly fails to bind with its receiver. This will also require a factory software reload to correct the problem.
It is not known how many sets were programmed incorrectly and apparently it is difficult to ascertain as to where they all went. The USA and the UK seem to have distributed problem equipment.
I hope this helps
Dave Armitage

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sungazer scale glider weekend at Volksrust 12/ 13 April 2008

On behalf of the MGA, Mike May has organized a slope weekend over 12 / 13 April at Volksrust for Scale Gliders.
The event is open to all pilots rated solo by the SAMAA or considered as such by their clubs.
There will be no entry fee but information is needed to qualify for some sponsored handouts and to help planning:

Pilot's name
SAMAA number
Glider type and span
Shirt size.

The entry list as at mid January gives an indication of the interest shown in this event which could well become an annual affair.

7.4mtr DG 500

6mtr Asw 22

6mtr SB-10

6mtr ventus 2cx

5mtr ASW24

4mtr ASH 26

4mtr ASW22

4mtr Discus

4mtr ASW24

4mtr SZD-56

4mtr Fox?

3mtr Swift S-1

3mtr ASW22b

2.5mtr Ventus cs

2.5mtr DG1000
tel: 011 794 4444/5 (Office)
fax: 011 794 4447

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Plenty of rain

Besides me and my brother there were three other intrepid pilots at JOMAC this morning. Colin, Ted and Ken.
These three talked about a braai!
Here's a photo to remind us of sunnier days.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ken's Rascal

(With Charlie's Harvard in the background)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pattern activity

There's keen pattern activity at JOMAC these days. Here's FC's pattern ship and...

here's Juan's electric one.

This is a short clip of FC calling for Juan in a practice session.