Monday, January 29, 2007

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Juan Pretorius reports on Saturday morning activities

I thought I would try to send you a few pics of the Saturday morning crowd . Every Saturday morning after flying ( mid summer we start at 05h30 to approx 09h00) it has become custom to braai and have some boerewors rolls.

This past Saturday it was Francois and my turn to bring the wors and rolls , Francois did the braaing and yes I had to do the hard work....taking the pictures!

Some of the usual crown were there to make sure they don't miss out (Pic2 Breakfast ) from left
to right : Andrew Ernst , Lou Coetzee , Grant Brook , Kem van Wollechem and the chef Francois Gerber

Louis Volschenk ( on the left) and Kem van Wollechem ( on the right) doing quality control and by the look of things ......Fran├žois forget the Salt !!

Then we have also had an unusual occurrence . Some die hard Petrol junkies have
been turning into Sparkies slowly but surely!!

New Blog for JOMAC

A few days ago I changed the JOMAC BLOGs to the new version -- big mistake. Now I can see, but not post to the JOMAC2006 BLOG.
Hence this new one.
Ah well.